This Christmas Season

Make the Gift of Youth Empowerment to the Earth and her Children

Inspire Yourself and Others * Add Action to Your Days * Boost Young Heroines

See your Impacts unfold through 2018. BE PART! 


No more fretting about a piece of chocolate in the morning!

Be a HAPPY PARENT as your favorite KID/s in the galaxy unlocks the Hero Of The Day‘s story online, with inspiring video, music, interviews and ways to get involved! Enjoy uplifting morning conversations and make yourself a GIFT to the WORLD : team up, take action for heroInes, involve friends, school and colleagues, as part of a global tribe doing magnificent things through 2018! Epic!

!! Place your order to receive it in time. We recommend no later than 14 Nov !!

Walk the sweet Path of The Hero.

What person will you be by December 24?

What changes will you have evoked?

What stories will be shared around the tree and candlefire?